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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Japanese Curry Rice

Dear Japanese Curry Rice.

You are my reason to live.
If I don't have you more than once a week, I will die.
If I can have you once a week, I am in the heaven.

Dear Japanaese Curry Rice.

I can have various topping.
Tonight, I choose spicy eggplant.

Dear Japanese Curry Rice.

I can die for you

Dear Japanese Curry Rice

I had Keema Curry today at Japanese Curry chain, CoCo-Ichi.
I ordered extra spicy just for fun (level 5 out of 10)

Dear Keema Curry.

You were spicier than regular level 5 spicy curry.
But I managed to eat you all.
Whenever people feed me Japanese curry rice, I must eat them....

Oh my stomache is still hot.
It's now 3 hours after I ate that spicy curry.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fumiko's Propose - A Japanese students' animation work

OK. When I saw this, I was stunned.

This 2 min animation was produced by the group of Japanese anime students in Kyoto.

For your convenience, there is some storyline.

Fumiko is a middle school student (?). She proposes Takashi to be her boyfriend.

But Takashi refuses her offer since he wants to devote his time for baseball at this moment....

Fumiko gets shocked and shocked... and shocked...... anyway... here is the anime.

Without a further due, here you go....

Those of whom got confused... it looks like Fumiko traveled around the world, and came back to where Takashi is.

And she tried one more time... "I will cook your miso soup every morning!"

But Takashi refused again, IMMEDIATELY.... poor girl.....

Anyway, I was impressed by thier work... here are the credit.


Fumiko - Hina
Takashi - So Raika (????)

Directed/Drawing/Background/3D CG/Edited/Sound Effects by
Yasuhiro Ishida

Background/3D Texture by
Yuuko Iwase (???)

3D Texture/Background by
Kazuhiro Murakami

Drawing by
Tatsuro Kawano

3D CG Modeling by
Yusaku Nagata

The director, Yasuhiro Ishida, is currently a animation student who is looking for a job.

He's 21 years old who goes to Kyoto Seika University, Manga Major - Animation Course.

Somebody, give him a job~!

I'm looking forward to seeing his future.

Here is Ishida's personal blog with pictures of drawing.

Fumiko's Propose - Detail Info and screenshots (in Japanese)

In addition, browse the rest of his blog... you can check out his "homework" projects, and the photo of his apartment where he made his animation?