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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Japanese Media in the US ( program) on Ustream

* This program will be broadcast in Japanese.


4/26 (Mon) 9:30pm - (Pacific Standard Time)
4/27 (Tue) 1:30pm - (Japan Standard Time)



Ex-Japanese newspaper reporter, the US producer of Nico-nicko Doga will join JapanExp.Org to discuss media in the US.

* This program will be in Japanese.


- Anne Keehn

Half Japanese, and half American freelance journalist. After graduating US Berkeley majoring in Journalism, she has worked in several publication including Mainichi Shimbun & Swimdle Magazines.

She is not working as freelance journalist & blogger.

- Satomi Imai

A US producer of Nico-Nico Doga. She produced a several live shows such as Toyota Senate Hearing in Feb, the Space Shuttle launch of Japanese Female Astronauts Yamasaki.


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